Demolition crawler excavators for parts

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Available after dismantling left parts, components and assemblies, hydraulic pumps b/a, cab b/a, arrows used, the handle is used, engines used, frame used, the gear used, the circuit used, the tensioner used, the hydraulic cylinders used, the directional control valve used, the valve used, brain, controller, dashboard, scoreboard, computer repair excavator and heavy machinery. In the presence of hydraulic pumps. We are in Vkontakte.
JCB 220 (k3V112DT) krj4690, lnp0186, 20/925770, 215/13686, 333/j1504
JCB 240 and 260 (k3V112DT) KBJ2579, LNP0182, 215/13752, 332/J1722, 215/11480, 20/925310,215/11480, 20/925310, KBJ2579, LNP0182, 215/13752, 332/J1722
Volvo 210 (k3V112DT) SA1142-00012, VOE14595621, VOE14531300,
Volvo 240 (k3V112DT) sa1142-00531, voe14531856, voe14531594, voe14571504
Volvo 290 sa7220-00601, voe14524052, voe14531591, voe14575661,
Volvo 360 sa7220-00700, voe14549798, voe14566659, voe14566480,
Hyundai R290 (K5V140DTP) 31Q8-10010, 31N8-10010, 31N8-10050, 31N8-10060, 31N8-10080, 31N8-10020, 11E9-1501, 31E9-03010, 31E9-03020, 31E9-03010, 11E9-1501. Linde HPV105/HPR75-02,
Hitachi ZX 200, 210, 240 (HPV102) 9191164, 9195235
Hitachi ZX 330, 350, 370, 360 (HPV145) 9195241, 9195238,
Cat 320 134-1063 (A8VO107LA1KH1/60R1).
Volvo bl 61 voe11881939.
Volvo EW180 Linde HPR210 voe14389034, voe14648622.
Hitachi ZX450 Kawasaki K5V200DP. ZX460, 470, 480 4432815, 11Y11648.
Hydrographically in stock and spare parts to them:
4366959 Hitachi EX200, Hitachi ZX240-3 4645278,
JCB 240 JBB0001, 826/11216, 916/10029, KBB0413,
JCB 220 25/220822, 25/221014, KYB c0170,
JCB 260 JBB0001, 826/11216, 916/10029, KBB0413,
Volvo EC210 voe14532821, voe14576336, voe14594904,
Volvo EC290 voe14511439, voe14628043, voe14577121, voe14541591,
Volvo BL61, BL71, Volvo, Liebherr A904 (R904) 249243, 00968520, A208-276, M7-1170-20/7M7-22X . Rexroth 7026592, and controls the distribution 5009292, 7026184, 7027267.
Komatsu PC210-7 723-47-20403, 723-47-20402, 723-47-20401, new : 723-48-22700, 723-48-23600,
Komatsu PC300-7 723-41-08100, 723-48-26105, 723-47-26101, 723-48-26104, 723-47-26102, 723-48-26103, 723-48-26102, 723-48-26101, Komatsu PC400-7 723-47-27803, 723-47-27802, 723-47-27801, 723-47-27500, 723-47-27800, 723-47-27503, 723-47-27502, 723-47-27501,
JCB 240 KRJ3889 unit control valve is JSB.

Tel: +79217417138 Fastap and Viber in Russia.
Tel: +79214040496.
Contact person - Alexander.
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