Sell pressure sensors DAV-078, DAV-077, DAV-068

Listning ID 410721


Sell pressure sensors DAV-078, DAV-077, DAV-068,
Designed to measure absolute pressure in liquid and gaseous media.
Sell GIVING-068-0,4-0-5,00; GIVING-068-0-0,30; GIVING-068-01-0-0,60; GIVING-068-02-0-1,25;
GIVING-068-03-0-2,50; GIVING-068-05-0-10,00; GIVING-068-06-0-16,00; GIVING-068-1-0-0,30;
GIVING-068-1-0-1,25; DAV-077-02; GIVING-077-04-0-2,5; GIVING-078-01-0-14; GIVING-078-03-0-28;
GIVING-078-08-0-160; GIVING-078-10-0-300; GIVING-078-11-0-450; DAV-078-12;
GIVING-078-13-0-14; DAV-078-18;

Sell ДАВ068-0,4-0-5,00; ДАВ068-0-0,30; ДАВ068-01-0-0,60; ДАВ068-02-0-1,25;
ДАВ068-03-0-2,50; ДАВ068-05-0-10,00; ДАВ068-06-0-16,00; ДАВ068-1-0-0,30;
ДАВ068-1-0-1,25; ДАВ077-02; ДАВ077-04-0-2,5; ДАВ078-01-0-14; ДАВ078-03-0-28;
ДАВ078-08-0-160; ДАВ078-10-0-300; ДАВ078-11-0-450; ДАВ078-12;
ДАВ078-13-0-14; ДАВ078-18;

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