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I will sell Pump NP52M, NP52M-2, NP52M-3, NP52M-2T

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Pump NP52M, NP52M-2, NP52M-3, NP52M-2T,

Pump NP-52M, NP-52M-2, NP-52M-2T, NP-52M-3,

Designed to supply high-pressure working fluid in hydraulic ground devices.

The NP52M unit is a piston rotary pump,

having manual control of the value of maximum productivity and the value of pressure of zero productivity.

The pump allows the connection of a remote control.


1. Working fluid. .7-50s-3 GOST 20734-75 or AMG-10 GOST 6794-75

2. Direction of rotation. .Clockwise OST 1 000371-80

3. The number of revolutions of the pump shaft, rpm. .2500

4. The maximum pressure value of zero productivity at n=2500 rpm, inlet pressure 2.3; Т= +20±10ºС, kgf/cm². .295

5. Absolute pressure at the pump inlet, ata. .2,3 - 5

6. Operating ambient temperature range °С. .± 60

7. Operating temperature range of the working fluid, °С. .-60.-.+90

8. Dry weight of the pump without shipping plugs kg. .fifty

9. When setting the regulator to a pressure of zero productivity 290 + 5 kgf / cm², T of the working fluid and air + 20 ± 10º C,

absolute inlet pressure 2.3 atm, n=2500 rpm, discharge pressure 260 kgf/cm² maximum performance at the beginning of service life,

l/min according to specifications, l/min. .100

Under the same conditions, but at a zero capacity pressure of 150 kgf/cm², discharge pressure of 80 kgf/cm²,

at manual adjustment productivity, l/min. .ten

10. Range of change of pressure of zero productivity at T of environment and working liquid +20±10ºС, n=2500 rpm,

inlet pressure 2.3 ata when the discharge pressure changes from 10÷15 kgf/cm², kgf/cm². .150.-. 295

11. Permissible drain leaks:

a). with the pump running, cm³/hour, no more. .fifteen

b). when the pump is not working (under the pressure of a column of working fluid two meters high), cm³ per day, no more. .3

12. Torque, to drive the capacity regulator roller, when changing

productivity from 110 l / min at a discharge pressure of 10 ÷ 15 kgf / cm², no more. .180

13. Moment for driving the pressure regulator roller with zero capacity, when the pressure changes from 150 kgf/cm² to 295 kgf/cm², kgf/cm², no more. .80

14. The drive of the control roller of the regulators is manual or mechanical with a speed, rpm, not more. .ten

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